Iya Patu
Sustainable Wellbeing
Iya Patu
Sustainable Wellbeing
Sustainable Wellbeing


Service options.

What We Do

We aim to strengthen livelihoods, education and health systems everywhere and provide community awareness and sensitization towards attainment of SDG goals. We are Universal Health Coverage (UHC) advocates, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as integrators and promoters, working with partners in supporting alternative methods of learning using digital technology.

These include:


  • Working with strategic partners to develop, implement and evaluate programs, projects, and interventions in WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Nutrition, Social Protection, SGBV (Sexual and Gender Based Violence), PSS (Psychosocial Services) and Food Security.
  • Supporting State with partners in providing safe spaces for adolescents, women, men, and children affected in areas of SGBV.
  • Addressing malnutrition in all ramifications to eliminate preventable child and adolescents’ death through value chain addition in local agricultural produce.
  • Working to develop health policies and providing advocacy on maternal, child and mental health.


  • Promoting education and skills to mobilize and sensitize the youths and the vulnerable groups on opportunities that will transform their economic statuses to make them independent and productive to themselves and society.
  • Working with partners in supporting alternative methods of learning to students using digital technology.


  • Confronting public humanitarian crisis and emergencies to support Government’s effort in collaboration with other Partners.
  • Collaborating with Governments and other Partners to support the Agro production of all types of food crops (beans, cowpeas, grains, etc) and vegetable gardening in the rural communities, to benefit women, adolescent girls and aged widows, to be incorporated into various value chains and economic activities.
  • Ensuring accountability to donors and affected populations through direct involvement with beneficiaries.

Capacity Building

  • Interfacing between State and society in the demand for greater financial transparency and effective accountability mechanism.
  • Performance management of individuals and organizations to achieve quality and service delivery.
  • Promote data governance as necessary evidence for decision making.
  • To provide training and facilitation in Governance, Accountability and Transparency in leadership for humanitarian and developmental projects at all levels.
  • Developing micro enterprise, financial and digital literacy programs.

How We Work - Analysis, Action & Engagement

  1. The Problem
  2. The Reason
  3. Our Solution
  4. Short-term Impact
  5. Long-term Impact

How We Operate - (MADE)

  1. Mobilize
  2. Advocate
  3. Disseminate
  4. Educate

Iya Patu Foundation Experiences & Past Activities

  1. Procurement and distribution of food and non-food palliative to victims of farmers/cattle Headers clash in Numan Local Government of Adamawa State.
  2. Enforcement of control and security of food, medicines and other palliatives in the communities and IDP Camps.
  3. Electronic documentation of warehouse to exchange and control stocks - CSM Yola
  4. Identification of vulnerable groups, IDPs and the poor to ensure resettlement in permanent communities in Adamawa State.
  5. Expanded health facilities, screening protocols, in IDP camps in Adamawa State.
  6. Scheduled timely deliveries of supplies and minimize waiting times in the IDP Camps.
  7. Expedite trucking services while ensuring real-me supply chain visibility.
  8. Establish Green Lane for emergency supplies, segregate shift schedules and warehousing locations.
  9. Establishment of Maternal and Child Health Clinic in four IDP Camps in Adamawa State.
  10. Working on Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the SMOH & Infrastructure Bank.
  11. Development of Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan FPCIP 2020-2023 for Adamawa Sate.